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The Souls

Don MacEwan - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Don MacEwan brings awesome vocals and a nice Allman/country guitar sound to the band.

His songwriting is second to none.

Brian Hickey -

Guitarist Brian Hickey moved to Bend from Eugene in 2012 and brings awesome riffs and a very Jerryesque feel to the band as well as some funky rhythm. He has been playing in bands for 20 years.

Colleen Olsen -

Sweet, warm and powerful, Colleen's lead and harmony vocal strength touches the soul. Whether it's booty-shaking grooves or a slower, touching song - prepare to be moved by her emotive, enticing vocals.

Linken Olsen -

Linken Olsen was previously playing "knobs and faders" only, but has found himself behind the drum kit!

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